Zimbabwe: discover history, national parks and abundant wildlife.


Some would argue that Zimbabwe’s greatest feature is Victoria Falls, which in some respects is true, because of the sheer size of the falls, and the feeling of being surrounded by its thunder.

However, often overlooked, is Zimbabwe’s incredibly rich history, its beautiful people, and the wildlife that is available within the country. There are several wildlife areas that are so unique to Zimbabwe, such as Mana Pools, Matobo National Park (where Cecil Rhodes is laid to rest) or the country’s largest park – Hwange National Park.

When to go

April – September during the cooler winter months.

It can get very hot during October and November.

What to do

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What our team says about Zimbabwe:

Zimbabwe has a certain energy, an energy I can’t explain, but I can feel, an energy so powerful it uplifts you, and draws you in. I have only ever felt this kind of energy in Sedona, AZ.
— Jay, Founder

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