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We receive a lot of questions from potential clients, friends, and even strangers about traveling to Africa. Below are just a few questions and answers, that may help you as well!

How do I begin planning a trip to Africa?

We want to make this process as easy as possible for you. There are many places to go, but there’s nowhere that can compare to being on an African safari. Under our contact form, you will see a list of questions which will help us to guide you toward creating your own African dream vacation!

How much will my safari cost?

There is a broad range of pricing when it comes to an experience such as this. The bottom line is that we want to work with you and your specific budget, however, high or however low. Generally speaking however, we plan trips that range between $450-$2000 (USD) per person, per night sharing. Rates vary depending on the season and type of accommodation and are inclusive of meals, park/conservancy fees, regional airfare, driver/guides, and accommodation throughout your stay. Generally, exclusions are international airfare, tips, visas, and other “extras” that you may want to add.

Our priority is to give you the best value for your money! We have networks across the African continent that we partner with in order to give you a traditional style itinerary or make your expedition as luxury and exclusive as you wish.

Will my kids enjoy Africa too?

Kids love Africa! Children ages 12 and under receive a discounted rate. We can accommodate lodges and camps that are kid-friendly, offering activities to keep the kids entertained for hours, while you relax and enjoy the serenity of the wilderness.

Is traveling within Africa safe?

Many African countries are extremely safe. We personally only travel to places that make us feel safe and secure, and we wouldn’t want our guests to go anywhere that we are not comfortable with!

When should I go on safari?

Each country in Africa has its own “high” and “low” seasons. For example, The busier season in Kenya is typically June-October & December-February. The temperatures tend to be more moderate and this is not the “rainy” season. There are great times to visit Kenya outside of these windows, though, and you may get better rates!

Check out our country pages, to see the best times to visit each country and what weather to expect.

Get the best value when you go off-season or just before the high season hits - some camps are 40% less expensive during these times, and you will encounter fewer crowds.

What is a typical day like on safari?

A traditional safari includes waking up with the sun, and taking a “game-drive,” as Africa comes alive in the morning! Sometimes you get to eat breakfast in the “bush” or else you would return to camp for a gourmet continental breakfast. You may have the late morning/afternoon to lounge and relax, or enjoy amenities that your camp/lodge may offer. Some amenities depending on exclusivity/location include: walking safaris, horseback safaris, hot air balloon, and exploring the local culture. In the late afternoon, you would go for an evening game-drive, and watch the sunset as you return to camp. Seeing an African sunset is unlike any other! Dinner would then be served, and you could enjoy a cocktail with other guests.

Will I have privacy?

Being on safari can be as exclusive as you want it to be. It is possible to have a whole camp to yourself, or you may wish to stay in a larger lodge-type property where you can meet people from around the world! Generally, at most camps, you and your family can have privacy within your room or tent. You may share a car with other guests on a game-drive, depending on the camp, and you may share a small flight with others as well. Your privacy will be respected and, safari is a very comfortable vacation.

Will I be sleeping in a tent?

Don’t be fooled by the word tent! The most glamorous and exclusive places are usually “tented camps.” This luxurious accommodation is private and includes your own full bathroom, and sometimes even a private outdoor shower or tub! The best part, in our opinion, is that you get to hear the true sounds of Africa just on the other side of this beautifully designed camp. There are plenty of other options if you still do not want to sleep in such environment, which are lodges or camps which are sometimes made of stone or on the side of a cliff. Or, if you want to do strictly adventure camping, sleeping outside under the stars, or in a traditional tent, let’s make that happen. Whatever you want, we can make a reality!

Will I like the food?

Again, depending on exclusivity of the camp, the food quality ranges. Even in the more traditional style lodges, food is diverse and the quality is very good! The more boutique-type camps have gourmet food, all having options for most preferences.

Food is part of the safari experience, you will never go hungry on safari.

Do I have to take Malaria pills or get a vaccine?

It is recommended that you take Malaria pills while in most places in Africa. The camps and lodges do what they can to prevent mosquito, but sometimes it is inevitable.

Yellow Fever is the most common required vaccine in some African countries, and proof would have to be shown on arrival to those specific places.

Other vaccines may be recommended for different types of African travel, but typically on safari, you are safe from most disease.

For more info on this, read our blog post


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