Ever dreamed of having the “Out of Africa” experience, while driving your own Land Rover?

For the first time ever, you can! Imagine yourself exploring on a 49,000 acre private conservancy, complete with elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo, and if you’re lucky the wild dogs. This adventure is a one of its kind, with Wander Africa being the only company with access to this experience.

Requiring a minimum of 4 nights (to be worth while), this can be a component to your pre-existing adventure with us, OR it could be a journey in itself.

Wake up with a view EVERY morning, perhaps surrounded by elephants at the water hole, or at the edge of a cliff overlooking the majestic Mt. Kenya. This is about the unbound, the untethered, the unforgettable. This is about letting go, having fun, exploring, building upon yourself to meet challenges and pushing yourself. This is about experiencing Kenya, the way the great explorers did, traversing ancient lands in pursuit of your story.

Choose your style

Stationary Luxury Mobile Camp

A full service luxury tented camp with en-suite bathroom/hot shower, private chef, drinks/cocktails, common areas, butler service.


Every day, we set out on a drive traversing the wilderness, while behind the scenes, the camp crew is setting up at our next destination. The overland camp, may not have the large luxurious tents, but instead will be large safari style dome tents, with a comfortable cot and bedding. Just like the luxury mobile camp, everything is included, meals, drinks/cocktails, etc.

The Land Rovers

Series 1/2/3

All the Landy’s are undergoing a makeover/overhaul to include: Mechanical work, paint, upholstery, and general safari equipment.

The collection includes: Land Rover 90 series, 107 series, 109 series

Pictures coming soon!

More Information

Lolldaiga Hills

Lolldaiga Hills is a 49,000 acre private conservancy/ranch. Located 12 miles North West of Mount Kenya, at an altitude of 5900 feet to 7500 feet, the Ranch has an outstanding and uninterrupted view of Mount Kenya and the Aberdares.

The Lolldaiga range is an ancient land form, comprising of a series of magnificent high folding hills, cedar forests, open grassland and wooded valleys. A well documented series of archaeological finds, cave paintings and burial mounds show that the Lolldaigas has been a treasured home since early mankind.

The Camp

An authentic, "Out of Africa" safari experience, just like the great explorers did it. Our simple, yet comfortable camp will act as our home base as we explore these ancient surroundings. We will be accompanied by an armed guide in the day and have security in the evenings incase any elephants decide to join us in camp. A private chef will cater for our meals to make sure we are well fueled for each days activities.

  • Every room will have 2 single beds, with nice comfortable furnishings, en-suite showers and toilet. Since it is a mobile camp, there is no running anything, so the showers will be pre-filled and warmed up whenever you are ready to shower, just let the staff know. There will be a hand wash and face wash canvas bucket for brushing teeth, etc.

  • There will be hot water bottles in every bed, when they are turned over at night.

  • Private chef to make delicious meals, three times a day. Unlimited coffee and tea, beer, wine, and some hard liquor (cocktails),

  • Since this camp will be set up specifically for your group, they will probably set it up within a stunning location, preferably near the dam, so you can wake up with elephants drinking just a few feet away from the tents.

  • With 49,000 acres to use, there will be plenty of activity each and every day.


Surrounding the camp are the settlements of ancient communities that have maintained much of their traditional ways of life. On the Northern border of the conservancy are vast plains of Northern Laikipia and Samburu County. Known for the their colorful and culturally rich inhabitants this area has changed little over the centuries. The Kenyan Government has, over the years, tried to persuade the Maasai and Samburu people to modernize but have had little success in doing so. With deep set community values, strong leadership, and their own definitions of success, these vibrant communities continue to live a basic lifestyle, while adapting to the changing environment, remaining strong and successful.

On this safari, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in these communities, have detailed conversations with tribal elders and leaders, exchange knowledge and wisdom, and be inspired.


As well as the stunning topography, scenery, and energy you can feel here, there is also an abundance of wildlife. The conservancy has a large number of elephants, leopard, waterbuck, buffalo, zebra, giraffe, gazelles, and hyena. The bird life is also impeccable. If we are lucky, we may witness some of the rarer wildlife found in the region, such as the wild dog, Grevy zebra, clip springers, and the cheetah.