Here is a short list of phrases or terms you are bound to hear quite often on your adventures in Africa...

Game Drive Elephant

Game Drive

When you are in the safari vehicle exploring the wilderness in search of wildlife and birds. Usually a 3 hour drive, twice a day, however, this can vary.

Sun downer Masai Mara

Sun Downer

A time to enjoy the traditional safari drink (Gin and Tonic), and snacks as the sun sets, usually while taking in a breathtaking view of your surroundings. Depending on where you are, a small fire will be set to keep you warm.

Bush Dinners.jpg

Bush Dinner / Bush Breakfast

Either a breakfast, lunch, or dinner out in the open wilderness.

Charter Flight

Charter Flight

An aircraft scheduled just for you or your group. The aircraft can range from a 5 seat Cessna to a small engine jet.


The Bush

Pretty much means the wilderness