Easily our favorite region in Kenya, possibly even in East Africa. Laikipia is the perfect place for those who want an opportunity to explore beyond the vehicle and the traditional game drives, to explore on horseback, helicopter, on foot, or in a vintage bi-plane. There are several wildlife conservancies in the region, and all of them have one goal in mind: Conservation of the land, community and wildlife. Since Laikipia is essentially on the foothills of the majestic Mt. Kenya, the topography is diverse and the climate is also generally cooler than the rest of Kenya.

Laikipia has an abundant elephant and rhino population, within the protected conservancies. Most of the conservancies in the area are home to the big five animals, and a very healthy bird population.


  • Rhino and elephant sightings

  • Incredibly diverse landscape

  • Mt. Kenya

  • Active safaris (horseback, walking safaris)

  • Luxury boutique camps and lodges with small capacities, therefore fewer people

  • Abundance of wildlife including the big five animals

  • Conservation and community projects

  • Best place to see the Wild Dogs (IF you are lucky)

Ideal amount of time here?

3 to 8 nights

Pair it with:

Masai Mara, Samburu, Amboseli or the beach


Lewa Wilderness Lodge

Lewa Safari Camp

Borana Lodge

Ol Pejeta Bush Camp

Sweetwaters Tented Camp


Sanctuary at Ol Lentille

Loisaba Camp

Loisaba Star Beds

Segera Retreat

Ol Jogi


4,920 ft / 1,500 m to

8,570 ft / 2,611 m


Depends on conservancy

Prefer to talk with someone?
Call 1-888-723-2740.


Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (62,000 acres)

  • The benchmark of successful wildlife conservation, and also headquarters to the Northern Rangelands Trust. The Lewa Conservancy is home to 83 black rhino and 74 white rhino, a healthy elephant population, and one of the largest populations of Grevy Zebra in Africa, all of which are protected 24 hours a day by highly trained armed rangers. Much of the success of Lewa can be attributed to their community involvement and empowerment. They not only work hard to protect the wildlife, but also help to educate the surrounding communities on the importance of wildlife conservation. One of our personal favorite conservancies, due to the abundant wildlife population, birding and smaller crowds.

Borana Conservancy

  • Bordering the Lewa Conservancy is Borana Conservancy. Recently, the fence between both conservancies was taken down to allow for a larger conservation area. Both conservancies work hand in hand on all efforts, and offer incredible activities. Like Lewa, Borana offers the same abundance in wildlife, with its own topography. One of Borana’s most famous landmark’s is “Pride Rock” which served as inspiration to Disney’s original Lion King

Ol Pejeta Conservancy

  • The Ol Pejeta Conservancy, no doubt one of the more famous conservancies in Kenya, due largely in part to Sudan, the last male Northern White Rhino on the planet, that sadly passed away in 2018. Despite Sudan’s death, the conservancy is home to a large rhino population, as well as the big five animals. It is also the only place in Kenya to see chimpanzees at the Jane Goodall Sanctuary, where chimpanzees rescued from around the world have made their home. As if this wasn’t enough, you can feed Baraka, a blind black rhino on the conservancy, or horse back with the two remaining Northern White rhinos. With a beautiful back drop of Mt. Kenya, this is a great place to visit and experience unusual activities.

Loisaba Conservancy

  • The Loisaba Conservancy offers only two choices for accommodation, and both are fantastic. One being the Loisaba Star Beds, which are the only ones of their kind in East Africa, and the other being the Loisaba Tented Camp, an opulent tented camp perched on a cliff side overlooking the conservancy. Elephants here are in abundance, as are Grevy zebra, Oryx, giraffe, lions and leopards.

Ol Lentille

  • A wonderful 40,000 acre private conservation area lush with wildlife. Ol Lentille is the perfect place for someone looking for the holiday experience. No schedules, no group activities, and no pressure, it is a great place to unwind, and get pampered. There are a lot of activities available here, including ATV riding, camel back safaris, community and cultural immersion, swimming, and of course wildlife viewing.


Lewa Wilderness

Lewa Conservancy

Lewa Safari Camp

Lewa Safari Camp

Lewa Conservancy

Borana Lodge

Borana Lodge

Borana Conservancy


Segera Retreat

Segera Ranch


Ol Pejeta Bush Camp

Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Loisaba star bed

Loisaba Star Beds | Loisaba Tented Camp

Loisaba Conservancy