Embrace the magic of Africa, and let it lead you…

Empowering yoga instructors and retreat hosts by facilitating magical escapes into the wild…


We ONLY design retreats to Africa - it’s what we know!

The Enlightened Series was created specifically for the yoga instructor or seasoned retreat host in mind. Just as we do with our guests, we use our personal contacts on the ground to create luxury retreats to your country of choice. We take care of everything from the planning to payments, to pre and post-trip preparations, and everything else in between!

You can expect to earn anywhere from $4,000 to $12,000 per retreat and a free trip to host.

Our Enlightened Series is not just limited to yoga instructors, but anyone, that wants to create impactful travel experiences while traveling for a greater purpose. Whether you want to go on a meditation focused safari, a charity safari, or a specialist trip where all proceeds are donated to a specific cause. Our goal is to accommodate anything we can to make this world a better more beautiful place.

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yoga and Mindfulness retreats

Corporate and Executive Travel

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Team Building Experiences

Together we can all create a deeper transformation


The Retreats

Designed Just For You!

  • If you are an instructor, typically 2 sessions per day of any practice (yoga, meditation, teaching, etc.) is recommended

  • Each session can be designed in a location of your choice where possible. Example: the middle of Masai Mara at sunset or on a river boat at sunrise. Africa is your oyster.

  • Each country offers a different experience: beach, bush safari, culture, winelands, city, etc.

  • We include as many activities as possible to integrate with your retreat, keeping things fresh every day.

This is for you if…

  • You want to lead a retreat out of the ordinary.

  • You want all logistics and planning to be taken care of for you.

  • You have the clientele.

  • You have prior experience in leading retreats.

  • You want to experience Africa, fall in love with it, and share it with the world!

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