Cindy Walker

Travel Designer

Maui, Hawaii

Cindy is an LA native currently living on the beautiful island of Maui with her husband and their rescue dog. From working in the Music Industry for over 13 years, almost a decade as an Artist Coordinator for Atlantic Records, to working in high-end Fashion Retail Management, Cindy still found time to educate herself about Africa and its wildlife.

Her passion for wildlife and love for elephants has earned her the nickname “Mother of Elephants” among her fellow Maui residents, a title she holds lovingly!  She loves to educate people about the beauty, wildlife, cultures, and issues facing Africa today!

Cindy not only talks the talk but walks the walk! She is a foster mom to orphaned elephants and rhino at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. She was Co-Administrator for a Facebook group called The Wildlife Guardians, an action-oriented group which legislated for the US Ivory Ban, passed in Hawaii last year. She actively signs petitions, legislates for Wildlife trafficking issues, creates tweet storms, supported the March For Elephants in Washington D.C., raised funds to donate to Wildlife Rangers and uses social media to raise awareness of the poaching crisis facing elephants and rhinos in Africa.

When Cindy was asked, “why Wander Africa?” She responded:
“I find such joy in sharing my experiences about Africa so why not make those experiences come to life for others? To be able to introduce people to a luxurious, once in a lifetime safari experience, would be a dream come true. I truly believe introducing people to our natural world is a benefit for the entire world!”

So, there you have it! An island living, animal loving, “Mother of Elephants” who is living her dream of sharing Africa with all of you, while making a positive impact for Africa’s wildlife, wilderness, and Rangers!