Athena Engelman Yoga Retreats


November 2019


below is an outline of all the information that is required to prepare you for your awesome adventure.


Flight Booking Guide

 Arrival on November 4 and Departure November 12

Before confirming any flights, please consult with us first to make sure they work with the itinerary.

Flights without Cape Town Extension

  • Any flight that arrives into Victoria Falls (VFA) on Nov. 4 for start of yoga retreat

  • Any flight that departs from Victoria falls on Nov. 12 afternoon or later.

    • *We can add a night on either end (or both) if your flight arrives the day prior or departs a day later. Please let us know so we can add an overnight for you.

Flights with Cape Town Extension: Departure on November 16 from Cape Town

Your flight to Cape Town is included in the Cape Town package.

  • Option 1: Triangle ticket to Victoria Falls on Nov. 4 and depart from Cape Town (CPT) on Nov. 16 (preferably in the late afternoon/evening)

  • Option 2:  Return ticket arriving into CPT on Nov 3 (add overnight, CPT) fly next day to VFA on one way ticket. *if the arrival flight time on the 3rd allows for it, you could connect to VFA the same day and spend the extra night there instead of Cape Town.

South Africa Extension

Cost: $1,880 per person


  • One Way Flight Victoria Falls to Cape Town

  • Airport Transfers

  • 3 nights accommodation at the Victoria & Alfred Hotel in Cape Town’s Waterfront on Bed and Breakfast basis

  • 1 night accommodation at the Last Word, Franschhoek, a beautiful boutique hotel in the heart of Franschhoek on Bed and Breakfast basis

  • Private transfer from Cape Town to Franschhoek

  • Full day specialist guided private Cape Peninsula Experience

    with a picnic lunch

  • Table Mountain cableway tickets only (transport to there is not included), but is relatively cheap, and your hotel will most likely offer free shuttles there.


  • Meals besides breakfast

  • Drinks

  • Gratuities

  • Optional activities and excursions

  • Travel Insurance

  • International Airfare


Additional night in Franschhoek at the Last Word, Franschhoek: $560 per ROOM. So, if there are two of you, it will be $280 per person.

Payment Schedule

Please note: Individual invoices will be created for each of you. Some had added other extensions, and extra nights which will be reflected on your invoice

Deposit for retreat: $1,000 per person - Paid directly to Athena

Total Balance for retreat only: $4,300 per person due on or before March 1, 2019.

South Africa Extension: $1,880

Total Retreat + South Africa: $6,180 per person due on or before March 1, 2019

**If you would like more time to make payments, or if you would like to set up a payment plan, let me know and we can make it happen.

Payments are to be paid via the following methods:

  • Check

  • Wire Transfer

  • Zelle

  • Credit Card (subject to *3.5% fee)

    *I know this is not ideal. As a small business, this is a challenge we face. The credit card merchants don’t love travel businesses unless they sell multiple seven figures annually.

Please fill out and sign all information in the Guest Portal

It would be best to fill out the guest profile forms after purchasing your flights.

*Password is: safari

General Information


No vaccinations are required/mandatory, however, we recommend the following:

Hepatitis A

Yellow Fever

Malaria Pills - highly recommended


Visas are available on arrival if you have a US passport for Zimbabwe at $30 as of now (this could change by Nov 2019), and visas are not required for South Africa for US passport holders.

Athena - In your case, you would get a multiple entry visa for Zimbabwe since you will be going back.


This can be confusing, but we will simplify it the best way we can for you. Please note, this is just a general guide based on the industry norm, you are free to tip more if you wish.

Driver/Guide: $10 per person/day

General Staff: $10 per person/day for the entire staff put in the general tipping box.


Zimbabwe trades in $US on a 1:1 conversion, while South Africa uses the Rand, which is currently fluctuating a lot. If you have a credit card, you can use them at all places for paying the tabs, and in some cases paying the tips. However, we recommend tips to be paid in cash.


Zimbabwe: November is hot/summer which brings the summer rains. While temperatures can get to the high 80s, the day is quickly cooled off by the rains should they happen. This is a great time for wildlife viewing and an enhanced safari experience because the wildlife is all concentrated in or near the waterholes. The camps usually have a water hole nearby, so in some cases the wildlife comes to you!

South Africa: For those of you going to Cape Town, the weather will be cooler than in Zimbabwe. Average for this time of year is 70s to low 80s.


Brandi can walk you each through this personally, however, as a general rule: Pack light, pack little, and pack layers. Since temperatures can vary day by day, and hour by hour, it is important to have clothing you can layer and be comfortable in. During the early morning game drives it can get as low as low 60s or high 50s, but as soon as the sun rises temperatures can shoot up to the 80s. Bring closed shoes for the evenings (mosquitoes can be a pain!) Our packing guide is a great guideline. We will be providing yoga mats so no need to worry about bringing one :)