Andreas Fox

Private Guide | Tracker

Conservation + Travel Writer

E. Africa + S. Africa

Andreas Fox grew up in Kenya and has been organizing and guiding trips since he was a teenager. His insatiable desire to learn more took him to South Africa to join a wildlife research project. In his five years there, monitoring and conserving predators, elephants, and rhinos, he ended up running the project as well as managing three different research sites across South Africa. That in-depth knowledge, exposure to ecology, and animal behavior helped him work his way up the FGASA guiding qualifications in his spare time.

Andreas loves wilderness guiding, immersion into an ecosystem on foot. Now a fully qualified Level 3 Trails Guide, Andreas safely tracks and approaches Africa’s wildlife on foot with his guests, whenever possible. Andreas is known for his holistic interpretations, giving guests a deep insight into an animal’s behavior, role in their environment and their conservation.

As one of East Africa’s best and most qualified guides, Andreas divides his time between guiding guests on bespoke trips all across sub-Saharan Africa, environmental writing, training aspiring guides, and helping some of East Africa’s best lodges keep their guiding teams up to scratch.

Andreas and our founder (Jay) spent their last year of high school as classmates, and after several years of losing touch, found themselves reconnected through their common love for Africa and its wilderness.